Date: Summer 2018 (watch for dates to be announced)
Location: Wisconsin
Target Audience: Students with deafblindness, ages 16-22 years, and their parent(s)

The Midwest Transition Institute (MTI) is an opportunity for students with deafblindness from Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Missouri, and Ohio, ages 16-22 years, who are planning to attend college or enter the work force after high school graduation. Participation in the Institute is designed to develop skills needed for transitioning to adulthood. Student participants learn skills such as the importance of self-advocacy and identification as a member of the deafblind community. While students participate in activities to enhance their skills, parents participate in presentations regarding the transition process from high school to adulthood and are provided opportunities to network with other families in attendance. MTI is supported by each state’s deafblind project, the Helen Keller National Center, and the National Center on Deaf-Blindness

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